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Asot Michael: Man of the People

Posted by R93k5BB84

Asot Michael has dedicated his life to the service of his country and the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Asot was born in December 1969 in Guadeloupe to a family that was politically important. He is of Lebanese descent. Growing up he attended school at St. Johns and St. Josephs in Antigua & Barbuda. Later Asot Michael  graduated from Barry University in Miami in 1989 and also the University of Miami in 1991. After school he began his political career. He has since held several important positions. These include Chief of Staff, Senator, and Minister of Public Works. 


In his numerous years of public service, Asot has proven himself to be a man of and for the people. He and the ABLP party helped restore a growing economy after several years of downturn. He has also helped bring about several other positive changes to the state of the country. Asot Michael achieved a higher level of education for the youth. He brought about several enhancements to the country’s infrastructure. He increased the quality of the nation’s healthcare. He has also done much to fight crime and foster an overall better level of development.


Asot has also done much to uplift the state of his own constituency of St. Peters. There Asot Michael plans to or has completed building projects intended for both the youth and adults of St. Peters. In addition, he intends to preserve the community of Pares village and improve the facilities there. There are also several other important projects he intends to complete or have been completed already. Asot’s career and achievements could be talked about in much greater detail. However, I think all this is enough to illustrate that he is truly a man who cares for the people.