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Dr Chang Take On Myths and Facts About Diabetic Eye Disease

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Without the correct information at hand, there can also be misdiagnosis leading to unfair treatment. Some underlying medical facts and myths surround these diseases. Through Tom Chang MD, who has a vast understanding of the sensory organ through bits of breakdown, we get to learn clearly. Diabetic Retinopathy is the most recurrent disease that occurs mostly among individuals starting in their 20s to the elderly in their 70s. However, Tom Chang MD explains, these same individuals can be affected by other underlying eye diseases, including Glaucoma, diabetic among others. 


Dr. Chang clearly understands that with diabetes likely a 40% turn into Glaucoma, with the remaining percentage causing cataracts among patients. Two types of diabetes are one and two, which are likely to cause diabetic eye disease if no proper care is taken, terming it a myth. Patients at an advanced stage of any diabetes, especially those not treating high blood sugars, are at increased risk. According to Tom Chang MD, sometimes pregnancy is faced with various challenges in different women. They should as well-visit eye clinics during this period as the baby may stress the mother’s blood vessels. 


Therefore, specialized ophthalmologist Dr. Tom Chang MD relates this to be a fact. Other facts related to the disease, which include smoking, may lead to a higher risk of diabetic eye disease; getting an eye exam at Acuity Eye Group can save you from losing vision, among others. Dr. Tom Chang MD has also broadly discussed the myths related to Diabetic eye disease, which include that not all early eye signs can prevent eye disease, among others. Dr. Chang is an Ophthalmologist treating and diagnosing eye diseases. A career he has vast experience for many years.

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