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The James Gutierrez Version of the American Dream

Posted by R93k5BB84

What is the American Dream? The classic version of the American Dream is a White, upper middle-class person. The classic version of the American Dream does not include low-income persons of color. James Gutierrez has a much different vision.

James Gutierrez has worked hard to level the playing field for people to pursue their dream. Income and ethnicity, Gutierrez believes, should not be a barrier to business success. A social entrepreneur, Gutierrez seeks to make the world a better place by providing financial help to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Gutierrez is a founding partner of Insikt Ventures. He also co-founded Progreso Financiero (now known as Oportun). Since 2005, both companies have provided over a billion dollars in loans to more than 500,000 startup businesses.

Not content to only be a social entrepreneur, James Gutierrez has served on several public service boards. Gutierrez has also helped with many social justice ventures. Gutierrez is also active in the political arena. He has served in positions such as on the Federal Reserve Board’s Consumer Advisory Council. He now serves on the Advisory Board for SEO-SF and is the Vice-Chair of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. He has also co-authored state and federal laws. Gutierrez wrote this legislation to make possible affordable small-dollar loans for start-up businesses.

In short, James Gutierrez is always looking for ways to help others succeed. What is next for Gutierrez? How is he continuing his work to further the American Dream? What is Gutierrez’ vision of making opportunities for more people to succeed?

Gutierrez wants to transform the lending industry to embrace marginalized and disadvantaged people. His passion is to support new companies started by low-income families.

What is the James Gutierrez version of the American Dream? It is a vision of opportunity for everyone to achieve their goals. His dream is to bring opportunity to the margins.

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