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Why Leo Radvisky Feels Elixir and B4X Represent the Future

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 Just because some programming languages are no longer commonplace does not mean that today’s programmers cannot learn from them. Visual Basic and Erlang are just two examples. Anytime Software, the company behind the free open source software B4X, has improved upon the best that Visual Basic had to offer while the Elixir software programs have implemented the best of Erlang.

Leonid Radvinsky

Similarities Between Old and New Program Languages

Erlang came on the scene in 1988 followed by Elixir in 2011. When only Erlang was available, people used it primarily in the fields of banking, e-commerce, and telecommunication. As a functional language, Elixir is more scalable and used for distributed applications. Some well-known companies that use Elixir include Slack, Uber, and Bleacher Report.

Programmers built Elixir above Erlang to support low-tolerant and faulty systems. This feature makes it easy for programmers accustomed to Erlang to transition to Elixir. The code is simple to write and comes with its resting features compatible with Erlang. Programmers may be able to install both languages depending on the operating system they use.

B4X is like Visual Basic in that both are simple to use. B4X comes with a WYSIWYG visual editor when creating apps for Android. It is also compatible with several other platforms such as Windows, Mac, and iOS. The Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools are another feature that makes programming simple on the open source platform that is available to anyone.

Why Leonid Radvinsky Chose to Invest in Elixir and B4X

Leonid Radvinsky is a technology entrepreneur who has championed open source software for many years. He invested several million dollars into open source projects because he believes they are the future of web development. Both are compatible with many other programming languages, and Leo Radvinsky is working to expand accessibility even more.

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