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IM Academy’s Comprehensive Details

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IM Academy is a special venture that deals in digital training products and services that prioritize skills teaching relevant in forex trading. The products or services are delivered online via live interactive content bolstered by pre-recorded or app-based content. IM Academy is found in New York City, and it was founded by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry in 2013 to render sufficient education and learning chances to learners under the name IM Academy on a certain subscription model.

IM Academy’s objective was to offer the clients interactive and accessible training to ensure they master the skills needed to be perfect in trading. This venture has grown to have about 225,000 customers, and so the products and services are moving fast in the market.

IM Academy has a special remote model for the personnel that does not sustain the office real estate extensively. Thereby, enabling it to bring onboard talent without physical limitations since it was positioned to function via emergency orders related to coronavirus crisis without disruption. IM Academy has different product learning modules called academies that are distinct and rendered to the clients through an optimized website.

These modules include; FRX, HFX, ECX, and DCX. IM has discounted packages whereby if you subscribe to all the academies, you enjoy a 54% deduction for the first time and a monthly reduction of 48%. The cost is considerably low when compared to buying individual programs.

All these academies have their content by ensuring access to several interactive digital sessions, with IM Educators, on goLive. Every goLive session is provided in 13 languages at different times and days to accommodate learners in unique time zones. These sessions take one hour, and the students can ask questions and discuss certain things with the Educators. If students need extra understanding, they can use the pre-recorded videos that help to master every academy. Click here to learn more about IM Academy.


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