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John Ritenour Looks Back at 30+ Years of Professional Growth

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Insurance Office of America (IOA) is an international insurance agency located in Florida, Longwood. The company that is a full-time service provider was founded by John Ritenour and his wife Valli back in 1988. Over the years, that’s over thirty, both the Ritenour’s and the company have experienced rampant growth and progress in their journey.

John Ritenour’s professional course has endorsed and created a legacy in its originality of father/son legacy and has shaped it into a prosperous multi generational business.

Born and brought up in a less fortunate neighborhood in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, which was a small town, John Ritenour understands better how life is for people with low incomes and less privileged. He was brought up and gained national fame in the 1900s when it became the focal point in the steel manufacturing industry, which later decreased around the 1970s. Many people experienced hard times due to unemployment.

As John grew up at a young age, he wanted a more great life than what was around him in his community. He would tell his mum how he will own certain buildings and even bridges. He wanted to be a successful person.

John Ritenour started by working for a local steel mill company after graduating from high school, where he met his wife, Valli. As an employee at the steel mill, John used to be reproached for working harder than other employees. He later took a position to work in his brother’s bakery, where he later went to the insurance field after the bakery business began to go down.

John began as a salesman where within six months, he topped as the company producer. Later in the 1970s, he started their insurance company with his wife Valli, which he sold off and moved to Florida for some better opportunities.

They Co-Founded the Insurance Office of Florida, which is now the Insurance Office of America.

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