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NumbersUSA, Funding and Accountability

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Roy Beck founded NumbersUSA. He is also the President. The organization gets led by a team of hired professionals who have vast experience in immigration issues. Roy Beck was a veteran journalist. He has also published and is an author of four public policy books.

His wife decided on a second mortgage on their home to start NumbersUSA in 1996. Roy holds a degree from the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism. His expansive career includes reporting for more than a dozen countries and more than 30 states. His reports, including ethics, public policy, religion, business and development, and population issues, have earned him numerous awards.

The Encyclopedia Britannica has chosen Roy Beck following a reporting on the Atlantic Monthly. It was following an invite by the federal “Barbara Jordan Commission” on immigration. Subsequently, his report got chosen as one of the most important contributions of American writings in the 1990s. In 1972, Roy received the U.S Army Commendation Medal (non-combat).

For over 30 years, Roy Beck has been engaging in projects helping diverse communities in the country. These include various immigrants, poor communities, and the minority in society. Some of his projects are through teens’ leadership in summer work weeks, churches, and Habitat for Humanity. NumbersUSA acquires its funding through the internet. Members of the public make donations from as low as $10, $25, and $100.

In addition, individuals also provide essential support to the Numbers USA Education and Research Foundation. The Foundation acquires much of its funding from family trusts and a dozen foundations. Read more about NumbersUSA, here.

NumbersUSA looks into the wide range of ideas with keen interests in the major issues affecting the number of immigrants each year. For independent audits, the trusts and Foundation have to meet the Better Business Bureau standards of accountability. It includes the independent members of a Board of Directors. Additionally, non-profit watch groups also generate funding. These include GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and Combined Federal Campaign, among others.


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