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James Gutierrez: Anatomy of a Social Entrepreneur (Article Summary)

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What Makes James Gutierrez A Social Entrepreneur?

James Gutierrez, entrepreneur and finance tech, has a long-standing belief in economic fairness. While Gutierrez was growing up, his family worked endlessly to fight for social justice. His family are immigrants and had their problems incorporating themselves into America’s culture. Gutierrez reveals he wants to continue the work his family stated.

Gutierrez gives the foundation values that his family installed him credit for shaping his chosen path. As he was beginning his journey, he focused on his credit score. He knew to get an apartment or even a cell phone; he knew he needed a good score. James Gutierrez’s essay topic for admittance to Stanford University was about his desire to make the system work for working people.

After college, James Gutierrez took his education and his values and turned them into a career. He founded a company that provides micro-loans to working families. The loans, up to $1200, are the perfect amount for families whose annual income is approximately $35,000. The idea behind the smaller loans is families can afford to pay them back and build credit.

Though Gutierrez sees one path to securing a future, there are two things that people need to gain to get on that path. The first one is building credit to get a mortgage. The other is starting a small business to achieve financial security. Regardless, credit is needed to survive. As Gutierrez’s company, Progreso Financiero, continued to grow, the idea of moral collateral remained. In return, clients repaid their loans at higher rates than most would expect.

Later, he started Aura. Aura can bring the loans to people who need them the most. Gutierrez set up shop in grocery stores and other places. He was the change that people could see.

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