Michael Capiraso’s Uncut Interview: The Strategic Advisor

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Michael Capiraso is an imaginative and transformational individual whose results are driven by team-building and focus to ensure growth across entertainment, consumer brands, and sports. Michael Capiraso is a prudent and dynamic leader who has guided certain operational dedications at the NFL, Cole Haan, WPP, Calvin Klein, and Major League Baseball before becoming the CEO and President of NYRR, the TCS NYC Marathon’s organizers. See more information at Crunchbase

In his entire career, Michael Capiraso has registered perfect results via acquisition, organic growth and development, innovative advertising, technology, facilitating culture with focused programs as well as driving results through diverse and interactive leadership teams.

Michael Capiraso’s NYRR’s tenure, the company got revenues worth $100,000,000, a value almost double of the other years. Also, the NYRR events’ participants doubled alongside other programs involving the community and the youth to approximately 700,000.

Michael Capiraso was essential in making several New Balance and TCS partnerships, and also organized one with Public Land Trust in New York City for establishing playgrounds in the underserved community schools. Michael opened an NYRR Run Center; planned and executed NYRR’s digital racing platform, and also oversaw massive warehouse and office remodeling to improve the facilities to the current condition.

Being the CEO, President, and board member, he established a perfect team and professionalized the NYRR staff alongside other operations triggering the expansion and transformation of various revenue streams. Capiraso started an all-embracing plan as well as a planning division to deliver reductions and other efficiencies to offset certain infrastructure dear increases.

Michael Capiraso’s tenure has seen NYRR solidify its standing as the best Marathon and sports organization in America, enjoying the best revenues, industrial awards, and membership. Michael founded a dedicated vision for the institution, focused on meeting the demands of the running population. He also embodies the mission of taking part in about 28 marathons in New York to raise approximately $100,000 for the kids of NYRR’s team.

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