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Data Systems International Introduces Cloud-Based Inventory Management

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Data Systems International or DSI is a leader in inventory control solutions, has launched DSI Global, a cloud-based inventory management solution that enables manufacturers and distributors to monitor and control inventory in real-time with an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

About DSI Global

Founded in 1998, Data Systems International or commonly known as DSI ®) is a global provider of business management software, services and professional consulting for manufacturers and distributors. DSI Global provides a full suite of inventory management solutions that are relied upon by thousands of businesses to improve efficiency and profitability. DSI’s proprietary cloud-based platform brings data from disparate systems together to provide highly accurate real-time visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing, manufacturing execution systems (MES), customers, employees and more.

How DSI Global Works

DSI’s cloud-based inventory management system, known as Data Systems International, provides a comprehensive view of inventory that enables users to monitor it in real time. The system also allows them to track product from manufacturer to retail location. Users can also set preferences for how they would like their data represented, such as within specific regions or by store type. This level of customization makes DSI Global ideal for a wide range of industries.

Benefits of DSI Global

In any industry, an effective inventory management system is crucial for maintaining profits and competitiveness. DSI Global offers Cloud Inventory to manufacturers and distributors, which gives unprecedented control over their inventory, from a sales perspective, providing insight into key performance indicators to inform decisions in real time. The platform’s integrated supply chain also allows businesses to track inventory throughout its entire lifecycle—from raw materials through manufacturing to sales and beyond—streamlining processes, improving compliance and reducing overall costs.

DSI Global Pricing

This revolutionary new service from DSI ® allows you to manage and update all of your product pricing information at a global level, rather than at an individual channel or country level. Visit this page for more information.


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