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Edgard Corona: Revolutionizing S America’s Health and Fitness Industry

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The 1996 founding of Bio Rhythm in Santo Amaro, São Paulo, marked the beginning of a new era in health and fitness in Brazil and the larger Latin America region. Under the visionary and exemplary leadership of founder and chief executive Edgard Corona.

Bio Rhythm Group has grown into a market leader, with hundreds of gyms across Latin America. The chemical engineer is a risk-taker and takes bold steps in his investment decisions. In 2009, Corona launched Smart Fit, a fitness company with a unique model of operation.

The founding of Smart Fit elevated Edgard Corona as a trailblazer and household name in Latin America’s health and fitness industry. The company currently owns over 480 gyms in the region, making them the fourth largest fitness company globally.

Edgard Corona has used a pricing and product mix that makes the multimillion-dollar empire competitive and profitable. The low membership subscription fees ensure that Smart Fit remains competitive even in areas dominated by small neighborhood fitness centers. The company also offers fitness classes on television monitors for ease of accessibility by clients, even from remote locations.

Despite the global financial crisis, Smart Fit, headed by Edgard Corona as the CEO, has averaged a 30% revenue increase since its founding. The company has reshaped how people keep fit, even elbowing out Bio Rhythm as a market leader. The company’s fast-growing client base cuts across different countries in Latin America, including Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Edgard Corona is a master strategist, always seeking opportunities to grow his brand. Smart Fit recently put in motion a plan that would expand the company’s gym units to over 1,000. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the company generated funds to finance the plan through strategic positioning and partnership. The company sold 12.4% of its shares to a Canadian firm to raise funds for expansion. Smart Fit also plans on floating its shares on the stock market. To learn more visit: here.