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Inspiring Life and Career Accomplishments of the UK-based Marketing Mogul: Joseph Ashford Ellis

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Joseph Ashford Ellis is an entrepreneur who emerged from nowhere, hence built his wealth and prominence from scratch. Joseph Ashford Ellis’s roots are traced from a humble family in the UK. While growing, poverty was not the only challenge he faced, for he was orphaned while still a minor after sickness swept away his dear parents in a short duration plus his lovely sister. Luckily, the hope of succeeding in life kept him moving, giving him the confidence needed to face life hardships. He worked extremely hard in class, and after attainment of higher education, he started working in various industries across London. In his junior positions, he gave his best, which saw him being promoted until he started occupying senior executive roles.

Rich in experience and knowledge on how to run and grow businesses, in 2004, Joseph Ashford Ellis, a big name in London, ventured into the service sector: An idea born while working in the traditional business setting. Being a socially responsible person, through his global marketing firm, K4 Global, Joseph helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals by offering scalable solutions. Since he cannot accomplish this alone, Joseph Ashford surrounds himself with a team of like-minded by recruiting only those with high integrity, customer-oriented, result-driven focus and more


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With a team that shares the company’s vision and mission and is result-oriented, K4 Global services: Public relations, marketing, event management, VIP-concierge, real estate, security, and others are most sought by individuals and businesses across the world. Before becoming prominent in the industry, Joseph Ashford Ellis experienced failures like any other beginner, but this resulted from being a poor listener. Realizing this, ever since, Joseph adopted good communication skills that have increased his productivity. Joseph Ashford Ellis also does a lot of networking, for he knows they can be a source of new ideas. Being a digital person who loves technology, to organize his work, Joseph uses Alexa software. The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus taught him more on how to incorporate technology into his business and advises everyone else to read it.

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