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Kfir Gavrieli The Owner Of Tieks

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Tieks owner Kfir Gavrieli started a clothing line on the internet. The brand sells a wide range of women’s dance shoes known for their comfort, quality and fitness. Tieks is one of the first brands in the world to be named without a physical problem.

We have been selling Italian leather folding beds on our website since 2010 and are now one of the most successful fashion brands in the world. But Guerrero was no ordinary entrepreneur dedicated to providing great products and building successful brands. For Gavrieli, Tieks has always been an important charitable donor and an opportunity to pave the way for a direct connection between the Gavrieli Foundation and Kiva. Tieks is also investing in community empowerment through the Gavrieli Foundation.

The success of Tieks

The Gavrieli Foundation has made Kiva the largest lender in the world by providing more than 10 million microloans to female entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva, an online platform for female entrepreneurs interested in microfinance.

Kfir Gavrieli Tieks earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA from Stanford University, building successful brands in hedge funds, venture capital, real estate, and technology from the very beginning. The Tieks is known as a major name on Forbes. The company Tieks has 25 innovative consumer brands to choose from. The magazine included Gavrieli, Tieks in its Top 30 Startups.

Oprah Winfrey is offering support for items under the age of 30, but her decisions are increasingly having an impact. This culminated when Tieks launched a massive campaign using social media as a tool to encourage Tieks fans and followers to join the Tieks team and sew hundreds of thousands of faces. Kfir Gavrieli, believes in the customer, as a major factor to success in his business growth. The ability to expect the best and help each other. Visit this page for more information.


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