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Patriots Robert Kraft

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In hopes to bring the Patriots to the World Cup, Robert Kraft has announced an offer to the Gillette Stadium that he would like to resurface the stadium and bring about a real turf in hopes of a 2026 World Cup game being approved. The plan that has been presented to the FIFA officials is to rip out the existing synthetic surface and revive the long-dormant irrigation system, along with providing enough sideline seating for fans and the photographers expected.

Robert Kraft has the hope of being able to bring about six matches, four group-stage games and two elimination contests, to the Stadium like it was done back in 1994. The modifications have been deemed a bit costly, however with the revenue expected it is believed to be able to even out the proceedings and possible bring in more than expected.

Gillette is one of the favorite US stadiums that are able to to hold such a eventful games, mainly due to Kraft being one of the honorary chairmen in the 2026 World Cup United Bid group. With having such a major impact on where the placing could be, Kraft has chosen Gillette Stadium due to the numbers they had done once before, on top of his renovations to bring about a larger crowd. Kraft highly believes that the players deserve an area to play at their highest level and Gillette Stadium is that place.

About Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft graduated Columbia University in 1963 where he was given a fellowship to attend Harvard to obtain a master’s degree in business administration. In 1972, Kraft was able to develop the International Forest Products that grew into him creating a platform called Kraft Group. This platform has allowed Kraft to grow and bring about his true entrepreneurial spirit.

From there Kraft stepped into his sports related venture and ended up purchasing the Foxboro Stadium. In 1988 the purchase was finalized and he was able to help aid Patriots to successful games and winnings due to maintaining their contract to the stadium. See related link for more information.


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