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The Life Of Pam Baer

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Pam Baer is now the life time director of the SF General Hospital Foundation & has been in this role for more than 17 years but it was not easy for her to get to that point in her life. So, what is the secret to her long-lasting success over the years?

Well, she was born in Dallas & raised in Austin where she got top marks in every last one of her class tests. As she finished first in her class, she was ready to go on to college which is how she first became a long horn in the fall of 96. As Pamela Baer tried to pull up her grades, she knew she had to select a major but was not sure what her passion was as of yet. When she took a lot of classes in a wide variety of subjects, she soon found an affinity for the field of finance. She was able to make a lot of friends & ace a lot of her tests which is how she was able to graduate magna cum laude.

When she turned her back on her college life, she decided to start a marketing firm & this came to be known as select. She did not know if it would succeed but it was not long before it took off & became one of the best firms in the state. While she did like being in this role, she was soon ready to move on to greener pastures.

This is why Pam Baer went on to work for the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle where she was able to help a lot of the Jewish girls in the community & ensure they had all of the tools & resources they needed to succeed in life. Pamela Baer now lives in CA. See related link for more information.


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