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ZeroAvia: The New Airline for Digital Nomads

Posted by R93k5BB84

ZeroAvia is a new airline for digital nomads. They are looking to make travel easier and more affordable for people with flexible schedules who want to live in multiple countries during the year. The company was founded by two friends, one of which has been living as a digital nomad for over 5 years. They hope that ZeroAvia will allow them to continue this lifestyle indefinitely. The company was started in 2017 and is currently still in the process of becoming a regulated airline. 


The founders of ZeroAvia, Alan and Alex, both work online and understand the challenges that come with long-term traveling. They wanted to create an airline where they could enjoy their lifestyle for many years to come with cheap and affordable flights. “We’ve been living as digital nomads for years, and know how difficult it is to travel as a nomad. We started ZeroAvia to make it easier for others who want the flexibility of living as a digital nomad,’ said Alan, one of the co-founders.




ZeroAvia will offer flexible fares according to demand, have four cities in their route network by the end of 2019 and offer fare bundles. They want it to be easier for digital nomads to move around the world and earn money from anywhere, whilst seeing the sights that each city has to offer (Crunchbase).

‘Working as a digital nomad is becoming more popular, but there are challenges with movement. In Asia or South America you have issues with visas. People want to work online but are not able to move around, which is why we’re targeting digital nomads for this airline,’ said Alex, the other co-founder. Their headquarters are located in Bangkok Thailand , where they will also develop their app and do customer service. At ZeroAvia aviation company, they have offices in London UK and Barcelona Spain , the latter of which will be entirely dedicated to the development of their aircraft.