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 Company Culture At Activision Blizzard is Set to Change for the Better

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Company culture is shared values, beliefs, attitudes that characterize an organization. Company culture plays an enormous role in employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity, among other key performance indicators. Different firms have varied company cultures. In recent times companies have seen the need to straight and address the different concerns that employees have raised.

One company that is ensuring that all policies are adhered to is Activision Blizzard It comes amid sexual harassment, among other injustices leveled against the company. The Activision Blizzard top leader took the initiative to set out some guidelines to protect the employees and wellness. The company has been served with different lawsuits, including unfair labor practices, sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination. The workers took to the streets to demand their grievances be heard.

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It was inevitable that the management had to come up with policies to salvage the situation. One of the policies is that the company has launched a zero-tolerance harassment policy worldwide. The goal of the directive is to have the strictest none castigating attack on an individual. Furthermore, maintaining a clear directive on the way forward in cases of harassment, and if one individual is found guilty of the offenses, then termination is the way to go.

In addition, the company is increasing gender equality in the workplace. With majority of the employee workforce is identified as women, non-binary. The company has set measures to ensure that the policy is adhered to across all business units. Activision Blizzard is set to increase visibility on pay equity. The company will report annually on the different salaries and wages across the different gender divide. Another critical factor that is to be implemented is the close monitoring of the said policies and regulations. The company has set aside a team to oversee and report the progress towards implementing the different policies. Leading by example is Bobby Kotick, who has agreed to take a pay cut and ensure all policies are adhered to for a better working environment and company culture. Read full article here