Eduardo Sonoda Discusses Marketing Trends Businesses Should Be Adopting

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Eduardo Sonoda is an exceptional UK entrepreneur and marketing expert famous for his top-class marking advisory firm, Eduardo Sonoda Advisory, launched in 1995. Before this, he had worked for several marketing firms for about six years. Sonoda started his venture with seven employees and has successfully grown it to have 700 employees. In addition, the advisory firm has had businesses of all sizes as its clients, including some Inc. 5000 companies. In 2011 had graduated with a Business Management degree from the University of East London. This marketing guru was interviewed recently, and he discussed marketing trends that businesses should adopt.

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Strengthening human connections

According to reliable research, a majority of consumers make their purchasing decisions with considerations along whether a brand engages in charity activities. This is because brands that participate in philanthropy create a deeper and more human connection with customers. Consumers feel that by purchasing from the company, they will also be supporting a worthy course. Eduardo Sonoda mentioned that, taking this into account, businesses should strengthen the human connections they have with their markets through their marketing campaigns. He pointed out that top brands are already exploiting this strategy to increase sales and stand out from competitors. The marketing guru stated that a notable example of such a brand is Carter and its “Stay Home & Make Memories” campaign

Increasing customer participation

Eduardo Sonoda suggested that the future of customer participation in marketing campaigns will extend beyond what exists now. He pointed out that currently, customer participation is limited to writing online reviews, taking part in product or brand discussions, and suggesting products and services to other customers. This marketing guru said that companies should welcome their customers to be part of creating their marketing campaign moving forward. This will allow for more relevant and personalized marketing content that is more impactful. Additionally, the marketing campaign will look more genuine if customers are involved in creating them, thus bolstering customer loyalty.