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 Microsoft Brings on Board Activision Blizzard, a Renowned Gaming Giant

Posted by R93k5BB84

In recent times the gaming industry has seen a significant shift. Microsoft made the biggest decision in gaming history by buying Activision Blizzard at $68.7 billion. The company is among the oldest gaming companies. Bringing the company into Microsoft is a big deal for the software giant. Having already established Xbox and several computer games. The Bobby Kotick company already has many franchises being; World of WarCraft, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. These franchises will now become a part of Microsoft franchises like Fallout, Halo, and Forza. Therefore it is evident why this acquisition is a big deal for Microsoft. The software giant, which already has 25 million subscribers, is bound to benefit in a significant way. View full profile of Activision Blizzard here:

Bobby Kotick has been one CEO that has worked so hard to get Activision Blizzard to its current position. He has been President and CEO for over twelve years. He got into the current role in 2008 when Activision and Blizzard formed a merger. He only worked with Activision for a very long time as an independent company. As CEO, he brought several deals into the gaming Giant. For example, he is the brains behind the acquisition of Candy Crush Saga and King in 2015.

According to Bobby, Microsoft taking over his company is a chance for the gaming industry to revolutionize through new talent. The actual acquisition that is happening now is a conversation that Phil Spenser, head of Xbox Microsoft, has had for a long time. The two leaders have had a great working relationship as people in the same industry. Activision Blizzard and Microsoft have therefore had a great relationship. Therefore the two companies complement each other; Microsoft has the resources while Bobby Kotick’s company has the skills. For this reason, when Microsoft made an offer to purchase the company at a very reasonable price, Bobby decided to give it a thought.