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Evvy’s Test Vombines Molecular 2D Sequencing Technology

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Evvy has unveiled the first at-home vaginal microbiome test. The test leverages metagenomic sequencing to provide a snapshot of the most common vaginal microbiota—helping women understand their vagina’s health and potentially detect certain types of vaginosis before it is too late. Evvy is the first company to introduce an at-home instrument that uses metagenomic sequencing to yield high-quality data on the vaginal microbiota.


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Evvy’s test combines molecular 2D sequencing technology with in-depth analysis to provide women with sensitive, sensitive, and rapid results about their vaginal health. The test also allows for immediate access to a women’s doctor or gynecologist for reassurance, answers, and guidance. Within three days of submitting a sample, women can receive the test results. On top of rapid results and peace of mind, Evvy offers a personalized report and community.

“Evvy is important because it fills a need in the healthcare industry that has existed for quite some time,” said Priscilla Mary Berland, an OB/GYN and an Evvy advisor. “It is also important to note that this technology will hopefully serve as the foundation for vaginal microbiome testing in general.”

In addition to the novelty of applying metagenomic sequencing to the vaginal microbiome, Evvy’s test also provides information that is highly useful in clinical practice. With this information, clinicians can better guide women on their healing path and suggest treatments other than antibiotics if appropriate.

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