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Impacts of Evvy Company on the Health Industry

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Indeed, the female body is fascinating with unique organs and how they function. Reproductive parts, like the vagina, draw so much attention when it comes to health. Even though it is a personal matter, women should speak up to empower others about vaginal health. So, this article breaks down how Evvy has changed women’s health awareness.


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Like any other chronic disease, vaginal infections are common in women. No female has to feel ashamed of their body in any circumstances. The main diseases affecting the vagina include UTIs and bacterial vaginosis (BV). Due to the lack of proper diagnosis, research, and education; many women suffer in silence. Statistics prove that over 30% of women contract vaginal microbiome every year. Thanks to technology, Evvy has broken the boundary to help women fight this health war.

Evvy is a health organization with a mission to combat vaginal microbiome illness. Their professional health personnel has discovered the Evvy Vaginal Health Test. It is a personal health kit that women can use to test for vagina infections. If a woman observes the following signs and symptoms, then a test should be necessary. Sudden vaginal discharge, pain during urination/sex, and itchiness.

The Evvy Vaginal Health Test is now available in over 50 countries. Which gives patients the freedom to take a home test. After performing the self-examination, the user submits the swab for critical analysis. Evvy company has invested approximately $5 million to launch the home tests. This move was important to support women’s health.

Every woman deserves a healthy vagina!

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