Jessica Dean’s Motivation to be an American Attorney

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Why Does Jessica Dean Do What She Does?

Jessica has a passion for justice and a dedication to promoting human rights. As a civil litigator, she represents people in all stages of litigation, from initial discovery in discovery to drafting and appealing various types of court decisions. As a result, Jessica has developed expertise in litigation, including discovery, pretrial and trial tactics, and appellate issues.

Key Takeaway

Jessica Dean practices law in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the Northern District of California. She is a civil litigator who primarily represents people in employment discrimination cases and civil rights and women’s rights cases. She received her law degree from a University of sorts, where she was a Rhodes Scholar.

Jessica Dean, the attorney not the reporter, is a leading lawyer in her field and some of the verdicts she has commanded on her cleint’s behalf are among the most significant in American History. She has helped provide an impassable membrane and create a stronger set of mores that help keep unfettered capitalism in check in the sense that they have a boundary set. They are shown where the line is when they are forced to hand over their resources in the event they fail to toe it. As a result of that clearly communicated boundary, in part by attorney Jessica Dean herself, policies and processes develop in order to safeguard the company from liability. It costs them, but they end up hedging their bets by ensuring a more free and clear, safe environment for their staff.

Jessica Dean and her mother; amber colored leaves lie in wait for feet to trod upon them
Jessica Dean and her mother; amber colored leaves lie in wait for feet to trod upon them