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Mirabaud: A Sustainable Art Gallery

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Mirabaud is an art gallery and shop that specializes in selling artwork created with food. Painting at Mirabaud can be both abstract and figurative, but most of it focuses on nature and its beauty. Every piece is inspired by something beautiful or out of this world, making it perfect for hanging in any home. The gallery sells original oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, and more, so there’s something for everyone.

The Mirabaud Contemporary Art Collection is a representation of its diversity that outlines the history and the current worlds. The exhibition aims to build a connection between the upcoming artists and the confirmed artists. Mirabaud has also shown commitment to supporting young innovators.

How Does The Art Work?

The artwork is in a monthly art show format where artists create artwork based on a theme. The public votes on the art and the top painting is awarded prizes. The artists’ submission photos are divided into categories, so visitors can easily browse through them. Multiple ways to join the collection include buying a membership that saves you a few dollars or just signing up for their email list. Once you’ve entered the group, you can browse through all the artwork categories.

Artwork Categories

Abstract Art: Abstract artworks are either black and white or bright colors and shapes, many of which are inspired by nature and its beauty.

Figurative Art: Most figurative art is inspired by animals. There are paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces that showcase the beauty of animals.

Landscapes: Many landscapes are inspired by the world’s beautiful nature and provide a calm feeling in a room. They’re the perfect piece to hang in a home.

Seascapes: The seascapes are inspired by the ocean, providing a calming setting for any room.

Benefits of Joining The Art

Original Artwork: Members can purchase original pieces of art. The artwork comes in different sizes, so it can be used in various places, including the home and businesses.

Discounts: There are several discounts’ members can take advantage of, including a free trial membership and free shipping.


The artwork at Mirabaud is original and can be used for decorating a home or business. The pieces are either abstract or figurative, making them versatile for any setting. If you’re interested in joining Mirabaud, you can buy a one-month membership or sign up for their email list.

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