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 Vijay Eswaran- Businessman and Philosopher

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Many people have success in business and others can create and share a particular philosophy. What makes Vijay Eswaran so unique is that he has succeeded at both to a remarkable extent.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia to Penangite Indian parents. To help finance his education Eswaran drove a taxi in England while attending the London School of Economics. After graduation Mr. Eswaran spent some time traveling to various parts of the world doing odd jobs to finance his trip. While at a Franciscan Monastery he took a vow of silence that lasted 33 days.

In 1998 upon his return to Malaysia he and a partner founded a company that engaged in direct sales. Eventually this company grew into QI Group. This newly named company became an e-commerce conglomerate. The business maintained specialties in travel, telecommunications, media, wellness, business training and luxury products. Offices for the QI group are located in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. His company serves almost ten countries with a wide range of subsidiaries.

What makes Vijay Eswaran so unique is that he has a specific philosophy he employs to stay calm and maintain his direction. He calls this his “Sphere of Silence”. How Mr. Eswaran begins his day every day helps to make way for a calm and productive day. He practices making space in his day for focusing and refocusing, silence and reflection. For approximately one hour each day he prepares himself for what may come along as the day unwinds. He recommends this practice to others as well and has written a book with all the details and specifics. He believes that knowing and understanding what happened yesterday will lead to a better understanding of today. This is wise and sage advice.

Vijay Eswaran suggests spending about 20 minutes with a book or an article providing new information to the reader. He also spends about 10 minutes reflecting on a higher power using this time to be silent and communicate only with one’s self.

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