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Steve Lesnard business visionary

Posted by R93k5BB84

Steve Lesnard grew up in France, where he graduated from college. Then he got his MBA in the United States before he traveled around the world. All his traveling gave him a unique perspective on business. Steve Lesnard is currently the CMO of The North Face and he’s the global VP of product creation. Prior to that, he worked at other companies for 21 years. Steve is currently the Global Chief Brand Officer at Sephora.

Steve started working at The North Face less than a year before the pandemic started. One of the many athletes that was a member of the company stopped their training to help in the ICU because it was overcrowded. The North Face then decided to help first responders and the medical community. They gave first responders an athlete’s discount and recruited over one million first responders. The North Face also boycotted Facebook and Instagram because they were unhappy with how Facebook operated their social media platform, which was a very risky move because they used Facebook a lot to grow their company. But, their risky move allowed them to create a dialogue with Facebook to create meaningful progress for Facebook’s platform.

The pandemic also created a new way of working at The North Face, and the company encourages exploration and adventure. Many employees at The North Face work from locations all around the world, which allows them to travel and have fun outdoors while still working. Many of The North Face’s employees enjoy outdoor sports.

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