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Andrew Lazarus Bought The Beaches For Generations To Come To Enjoy

Every town has that one place that is considered the heart of the area.

The heart of Newcastle is the Beach Hotel on Merewether that is fondly called the Beaches.

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Andrew Lazarus purchased the hotel and has made a promise to the locals.

He has stated that the hotel will continue to be the place to come for generations to come.

The hotel offers a bar, a bistro, a gaming room, and areas for private events; however, the biggest attraction is the first-floor deck over the beach.

The location is a favorite ola e for people to gather for informal social events.

Usually, when a hotel is bought, the buyer comes with a plan for changes.

Lazarus is taking a different approach.

Lazarus is going to take his time before implementing any changes.

He is going to take a year to get an understanding of how the hotel functions.

He also wants to know what the locals want.

As the owner of the Exchange Hotel, Lazarus is learning from past mistakes.

He did not take the same approach with the Exchange Hotel.

He admits he paid a hefty price too.

Lazarus learned that the strategies in one place do not work in another.

It is important to understand what the markets need and want in each location.

One worry that patrons have about the Beaches hotel is its structural integrity.

Lazarus is committing three million dollars to this problem.

So, the hotel will be around for future generations to enjoy.

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