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Jason Hope calls Cryptocurrency the Currency of the Future

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Cryptocurrency has recently seen a drop in value. Many investors are worried about its future because they believe it is too volatile. Jason Hope, a leading market prophet sees a great future in trading and investing in cryptocurrency. The activist investor believes that cryptocurrency will increase the security of online transactions. According to Jason Hope, the internet has become the largest marketplace in the world. Using cryptocurrency for transactions will prevent fraud. Customers do not have to give credit card details when they use cryptocurrency. 


Cryptocurrency payments will be low-cost payments. Transaction settlements will be easier and quicker. Companies do not have to pay fees for transactions when the consideration for the transaction is paid using cryptocurrency. Jason Hope states that cryptocurrency transactions will be cheaper than making payments through credit cards. Transactions using cryptocurrency will have no transaction fees or a low transaction fee of 1% unlike credit card transactions where the transaction fee is 3.5%. 


Jason Hope on Cryptocurrency

Jason Hope says that cryptocurrency will make raising capital for a startup easy. Startups can also find investors from across the world easily. Markets will immediately detect companies with capital and the market visibility of the company will increase. For Jason Hope, confirmation of payments for transactions like mergers or real estate involving large sums of money is often delayed. If payments are made using cryptocurrency, the confirmation of the transaction is quicker. 


When the confirmation message comes quickly the signing of the deal can be done immediately. Jason Hope calls Cryptocurrency the currency of the future. Jason Hope is well-known for his accurate financial and economic predictions. There will be a drop in cryptocurrency values and cryptocurrency markets will be volatile but the costs of transactions using cryptocurrency are low and transactions are secure. Jason Hope says that Cryptocurrency is already changing modern businesses. Though volatility is a concern for investors, Jason Hope believes that cryptocurrency will drive the markets of the future.