Business Leader, Joseph Ashford Ellis

The Career of Joseph Ashford Ellis

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Joseph Ashford Ellis is a businessman based in Bournemouth best known for being the owner of K4 Global, a marketing firm. He had a difficult childhood, but says the challenges helped him appreciate life more. He worked many different jobs when he was young before becoming a CEO. K4 Global was founded in 2014. K4 Global is described as “multi-faceted” for a good reason. They handle many different fields. For instance, one arm of the company is 4 Star Classics. 4 Star Classics restores old sports cars manufactured between the early 1970s and the end of the millennium. Another subset of the company, K4 Media, is focused on the entertainment industry, especially music and movies. There’s also Opulence, which handles the company’s real estate investments.

Joseph Ashford Ellis is also known for supporting people through his work. He has instructed his company to use simple, jargon-free terms when speaking to clients. He has worked to reduce the amount of paper used by printing on both sides and sometimes using electronic communication instead. He also encourages his employees to ride a bike or take public transportation to get to work, which reduces emissions and more

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a philanthropist as well. He is the founder of The Butterfly Foundation, which supports children diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa. Epidermolysis bullosa, also called EB, is a rare genetic condition which causes painful sores and increases the risk of skin cancer. The Butterfly Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for kids with EB by providing financial aid and educational services. Even though he is based in Bournemouth, he has investments all over the globe, including South America, Asia and continental Europe.