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Jessica Dean: An Inspirational Lawyer

Posted by R93k5BB84

Being a lawyer is a very difficult job to have. Many people think that they want to become lawyers, simply for the paycheck. It is a well-respected job that often comes with a high salary. While the pay is a huge benefit of being a lawyer, this is not the reason that Jessica Dean found the motivation to become one.

After graduating from Boston University and the University of Texas Law School, Jessica Dean went on to practice law and specialize in law that takes place against large corporations. 

Some of her most notable court cases were working for families and individuals who suffered from mesothelioma. These individuals were exposed to asbestos while working their lives away for corporations. They had no idea that they were being exposed to mesothelioma and having their lives put at risk each day. She was able to witness first hand the dangers that large corporations had over their employees and wanted to do what was right for workers. She now specializes in workplace law and fighting for the rights of individuals and workers. Jessica Dean is a truly inspirational lawyer who is always fighting for the rights of others.

After working for several years for different law firms, Jessica Dean decided to pursue her own path in life and become the co-founder of her own law firm. Teaming up with professionals at Dean, Omar, Branham & Shirley, has given her a team of support and inspiration to help fight the battles that need to be won. Teaming up with other lawyers allows for increased resources, experience and education that has enabled them and the law firm to become well known all around the country. 

Jessica Dean is a wonderful lawyer who prioritizes clients’ needs before almost everything else. She works long and hard to ensure that the battles of her clients are put ahead of all else. She does not let the suffering of individuals go unnoticed. Instead, Jessica Dean supports them and fights against large, profitable corporations to ensure that her clients get the representation they need and deserve.