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Krishen Iyer On “Always To Be On Marketing”

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Successful CEO Krishen Iyer is a renowned entrepreneur in the realm of insurance and insurance products and services. The Carlsbad-based businessman and business mentor owns several insurance companies, such as MNP insurance. The insurance guru Krishen Iyer attended San Diego University, where he graduated with a degree in public administration. After establishing and growing MNP Insurance, currently known as My Premium, Mr. Krishen invented Managed Benefits Services. 


This distinguished marketing and insurance agency firm focuses on creating business needs for its core clients. Due to her honed communication skills and excellent business success, the marketing expert and business mentor has emerged as one of the most celebrated business leaders in consumer outreach and business operations. Krishen Iyer recently shed more light on how to always be on marketing. 


How To Always Be On Marketing 

According to Krishen Iyer, marketing is a contentious issue in the current business world. Always on marketing means adopting the most efficient marketing strategies that pay keen attention to exceptional communication skills and continuous audience engagement. 


According to the business mentor and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer, being consistent in marketing makes customers feel that you can always attend to their needs immediately as they arise. Leveraging online platforms, marketers can develop an array of strategies to reach numerous customers in real-time and address their needs with relevant goods and services. Krishen Iyer explains that the majority of successful businesses are always present on online platforms 24/7. 


This way, they consistently engage existing customers and target new customers in the market. Krishen Iyer is a seasoned marketing innovator who trains other entrepreneurs. He mentors them on how to approach and engage target customers. However, Iyer has it that marketers should not create content to remain consistent. The content should be powerful enough to convey the intended message to existing and new customers.