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Qnet Direct Selling

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One of the ways that young entrepreneurs are finding to make profits in a market dominated by corporation is through direct selling. Direct selling is a business model that features an entrepreneur who sells directly to customers in their homes, rather than through an established retailer. It’s not about the distribution chain, but about showing the customer how a product works or benefits them in some way.

QNET has been one of the organizations on the fore front of offering direct selling services. With direct selling companies are able to eliminate any middlemen hence realizing more profits than they would have with middlemen involved. This enables businesses to create a business to customer (B2C) and a business to business (B2B) mode of operation.

QNET is one of the direct selling companies that has enjoyed success in the market since its inception. It has gained a significant number of subscribers and its revenue has also increased steadily from one year to another. One of the reasons why QNET is successful in the competition with other direct selling companies is because it offers superior services to their customers.

The company has increasingly gained recognition in the Asian market due to the number of business and customers that it is contact with. The company has also been able to maintain these subscribers by creating innovative products that will appeal to its customers. The company has also invested a lot of money in advertising and marketing their products.

By making use of the internet and social media advertising the company has taken full advantage of digitization. The company has also been able to make significant innovations in the market through its strategy of ‘thinking big’. The company has plans to expand its operations into other countries that include Nigeria, South Africa and Vietnam. It is believed that these places will be highly receptive to its products. Visit this page on Crunchbase, for additional information.

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